Sunday, 1 January 2017

Mr Bond, your days are numbered...

A very Happy New Year to fellow Bond fans!

I will be trying to write more Bond-related blog posts this year after a fallow 2016, which was, as I'm sure you will remember, a very silly year indeed.

I saw a few people the other day tweeting about the longest-serving Bond actors so thought I'd use this as a tenuous hook on which to hang my first post of 2017: how many days have individual actors spent as James Bond?

The results are above, with Roger Moore unsurprisingly out in the lead on a whopping 5,118 days.

Next up is Pierce Brosnan on 4,146 days. 

Hot on his heels is Mr Daniel Craig with 4,098 days as Bond as of today, Sunday 1 January 2017

DC will become the second longest serving Bond on Monday 20 February 2017. Mark it in your diaries, kids.

Sean Connery, with his two stints added together, comes in fourth with 3,049 days, T-Dalt fifth on 2,863, and 'the other fella', George Lazenby on 875 days.


  • The dates I have taken are from the public announcement of an actor as Bond. Contracts will have obviously been signed before that date (Pierce Brosnan knew he was Bond a whole week before we did) and actors may have been sacked before the next one was announced, but I have used the date from which it was public knowledge that they were announced to be playing 007.
  • Sean Connery's two stints were 2,530 and 519 days respectively.
  • Sources: Some Kind of Hero - Matthew Field and Ajay Chowdhury; Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Alan Barnes and Marcus Ahern
  • The announcements of the actors are as follows:
    • Sean Connery, 3 November 1961
    • George Lazenby, 7 October 1968
    • Sean Connery (again), 1 March 1971
    • Roger Moore, 1 August 1972
    • Timothy Dalton, 6 August 1986
    • Pierce Brosnan, 8 June 1994
    • Daniel Craig, 14 October 2005