Saturday, 14 April 2012

Mr Blue Sky II

Looking back through my back catalogue of photos, I spotted another cloud shot, this time reflected in the HSBC building at Canary Wharf.

One Sunday back in May 2010, and on the spur of the moment, I decided to walk from my flat in Borough to Canary Wharf through Wapping and along the north bank of the Thames - one of my favourite walks.

Walking from dockside warehouses to high-rise skyscrapers is a real reminder of how London's wealth has changed; from turbulent seas to turbulent money markets.

As with The City, Canary Wharf is a spookily serene place on a sunny Sunday afternoon. There is virtually no-one about, apart from the odd dishevelled banker; empty buses trundle past.

I remain endlessly fascinated by skyscrapers, and remember enjoying being sheltered from the sun in their immense shadows.

And a big thank you to the window cleaners at HSBC for providing a shiny building. Carry on washing, guys.

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