Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Too Old To Be Watching Cartoons?

I'll admit it. I've been watching cartoons.

I'm in my (ahem) mid 30s. Should I be doing this?

Well, I suppose I could get caught doing much worse. But what lies at the heart of this is my love of Tron.

I remember being taken to see the first Tron movie way back in the early 80s, and being won over with its 'futuristic' style and state-of-the-art computer graphics.

Fast forward 17 years and the first promo for Tron Legacy had my heart racing.

The actual film was, to be honest, devoid of charm and a decent script - even the CGI of Jeff Bridge's face was shonky.

But I loved the design, the updated 'futuristic' vision, and - oh - the light cycle sequence. The soundtrack courtesy of Daft Punk was also a winner.

And now comes Tron: Uprising, a new cartoon from Disney XD and I'm hooked.

It's set between the two Tron films and tells the story of Beck, a young freedom fighter taking on the oppressive regime of... er, computery evil shits.

Without wanting to sound like a purist wanker, the slick design elements and the funky uber-cyber soundtrack of Tron Legacy have been successfully carried over into the cartoon.

But more importantly, it's a weekly dose of Tron.

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