Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Saga Of Saga And Martin

*This post contains spoilers. If you haven't seen all of The Bridge, watch it and come back later*

For the last five Saturday nights, I've been gripped and not in the way most people like to be gripped on a Saturday night.

Watching the last two episodes of The Bridge last night, I realised why I've loved it so much: it's the ever-evolving relationship between Martin and Saga.

At the start, he thought she was weird (she was) and she only thought he breaks rules.

Over the course of the next episodes, their lives became entangled and their relationship matured as they worked together.

The final result was what we saw in the last two episodes: them looking out for each other, trusting each other, and even lying to try and save the other from complete ruination in the final confrontation.

Saga's determination to find August was to save the boy, but she wanted to do it for Martin above else, and in spite of her injuries.

The final scene between them in Martin's hospital room is understated and touching; they are both in pain and coming to terms that their lives have been irrevocably changed by that meeting on the bridge.

(PS and how cool was her Porsche?!)

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