Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Most Evil Garden Accessory Ever?

A new scourge has entered my life.

Our neighbours have installed wind chimes and they're driving me insane with their incessant tinkling, clinking and dinkling.

It didn't help that they installed them on the windiest weekend in recent memory.

I get the idea: they're supposed to be relaxing... but I've come to the conclusion that they're incredibly antisocial. I wouldn't enforce my music tastes on the entire neighbourhood by playing my music to the volume of said wind chimes.

And you can be damn sure that people would be more likely to complain if I did that than about the wind chimes.

So what do I do? Here are my options:

1. Go to the neighbours and ask them very nicely to take them down
2. Put an anonymous note through their door explaining that I hate them (the chimes, I mean; I'm British, I've never even met these people)
3. Shin over the fence at night and sabotage them
4. Do nothing and fill up my Twitter timeline with my frustrations

Has anyone else suffered from this? All help gratefully received!

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